Christmas At The Wards!

It’s our first Christmas together as a married couple. Last year at Christmas we were newly engaged, glowing in the excitement of starting a life together. This year we are 7 months married and excited to start new traditions together, as the Wards. First mission, find the perfect tree.

After church yesterday Jason and I wandered the magical (ok, not really magical) tree lot at the Home Depot, looking for our lucky Christmas tree. We have a pretty small apartment with not a lot of open space (quaint and cozy, we like to say) so we had to find the perfect sized tree–not too big, not too small. They had a good selection of small trees for just $19 but while they were cute, I was having a hard time imagining our tree topped being at neck level. So we settled on a pretty lil 6 footer and headed home to decorate.

Here she is, all lit and decorated. She’s a pretty little tree and thankfully, we were able to squeeze her into a corner without rearranging TOO much furniture. 🙂

Later we tackled Christmas project #2: the gingerbread train. I found this fun pre-made box set at the grocery store and was giddy just thinking about it. The best part was that we didn’t even have to turn on the oven. Ahhhhh. It had all the parts and pieces ready to go, all that was needed was a little creative energy. It turned out pretty great, I think, even with the icing dripping off the edges. Just another great memory of our first Christmas together.

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