New Kid On The Block

So here it goes.

I’ve never fully understood this whole blog thing. I mean, you post your thoughts, finds and opinions online for friends, family and perfect strangers hoping that someone will stop and read it. It is a bit like putting your journal out there for everyone to read. But then this thing happened… I started following other blogs. First it was friends who lived far away that I missed, then friends with amazingly deep or clever thoughts. And then I got sucked in. Design blogs. Cooking blogs. Fashion. Photography. Architecture. Shopping. Life. Over time I started to wonder if maybe I had something to share too. I mean, I can cook. And since I spend my days as a designer, I am always seeing inspiring creative ideas online. Why not share what I find?

It’s time to take my first step out on blog train. I know, I know… I’m a little late joining the party and maybe no one will even come but I gotta share all these goodies I find with my friends!

That’s what this is. Or rather, what I’m hoping it becomes. All the good stuff together in one place. Good food. Good design. Good life. VIVA!


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